Frequently Asked Questions

Q-01:  SAVE MONEY - How can this system save me money over conventional methods of forming?
Q-02:   STRONG -  What makes this system so strong versus typical plywood sheathing?

Q-03:   UNEVEN SURFACE - Can I set these forms on gravel, dirt, or uneven concrete footings?

Q-04:   WEAR - Do the form widths (dimensions) change as they become used?

Q-05:   ALIGNMENT - Why don't the forms move out of alignment on concrete footings while concrete is being poured into them?

Q-06:   REPAIRS - What happens if the plywood get damaged or worn?   

Q-07:    DURABILITY - How many times can I re-use this system?
Q-08:   ANGLED CORNERS- I've got odd angled corner requirements , how can I form these?
Q-09:   CURVED WALLS - Can I form curved or radius walls?

Q-10:   MONOLITHIC POURS - Can I pour a 'monolithic' wall with the footing?

Q-11:   FORM LINERS - Can I use form liners with this system to satisfy architechural requirements?

Q-12:   ONE-SIDED-SET - Is it possible to set one side of the wall forms before setting the other?

Q-13:   INSULATION - I want insulated walls like I can get with ICF's (Insulated Concrete Forms).  How can the walls be insulated?

Q-14:   PASSAGE HOLES - How can I make passage holes through the wall without damaging the forms?

Q-15:   BLOCKOUTS - How can I create a blockout for a brick, stone, or deck ledger?

Q-16:  WALL HEIGHTS - How can I pour any height wall without cutting the forms?

Q-17:  WALL LENGTHS - How can I pour any length wall without cutting the forms?

Q-18:  RENTAL / PURCHASE - Can I rent this system or do I have to purchase it?

Q-19:  REBAR HOLES - Can I drill holes in the forms for rebar dowels?

Q-20:  ONE-SIDED POURS - How can I easily do a one-sided pour retaining wall?

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